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'German Music Culture in Eastern Europe': Constellations — Metamorphoses — Desiderata — Perspectives

Fundamental efforts to clarify the categories of music historiography and the culture of remembrance inevitably led to the realization that the subject area of German Music Culture in Eastern Europe first required intensive critical self-reflection in which the genesis as well as the typological and historical modifications of the field of research and the related political, social and cultural prerequisites and interests were made a key issue.

Assuming (based on the theories of Michel Foucault) that knowledge also generates the phenomena to which it refers, this venture was aimed at the discourses in which the musical culture of the Germans in and from Eastern Central Europe and Eastern Europe has been and still is being discussed. As a result, exploration of the relevant thematic areas is also always focused on the cognitive and language structures that serve to delineate the phenomena, thus both opening and limiting the scope of communication. The studies span a historical arch that extends from concepts of 'German' music that have been developed since the
19th century all the way to consideration of the avenues that the discourse on "German Music Culture in Eastern Europe" could take in the future.

The results of this sub-project have been collected in the fourth volume of reports on the intercultural research project. The table of contents for this publication provides a detailed overview of the nature and topics of the individual articles.